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Lara Anderson


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My Tantra is everything about sexual energy. It is about how to become a good lover for your partner and live life as a balanced sexual being. I am a Tantric teacher who's approach is quite unique and sensible. I teach everything which you can use now, in your sex life. Tantric sex is not contradictory for ordinary sex. Tantric sex is expansion of your sexual life, of feeling of love and of sense of devotion and commitment to your partner. Tantra was my inspiration. I have learned how to bring into my life deeper sexual experiences, I have found a grate balance for myself as a sexual woman. My experience has allowed me to create my own method. I offer a new sexual education and therapy which is hardly can be found around. My focus is a relationship and how sexual pleasure can become a powerful tool to maintain harmonious and balanced life and commitment.

Unimacy is my interpretation of Tantra. I have invented this word. UNIMACY = union+intimacy. I share my knowledge of how to bring endless LOVE into your relationship and this world.


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Arousal Management Training
For Men

Sensual Massage Sessions
For Men, Women

Erotic Dancing Training
For Men, Women, Couples

Sensual Massage
For Men, Women,



The Step-by-Step Guide for Young Men. Duration: 46 min.

For men who are shy, have low confidence or anxious. Or, for any man who is going to meet a woman for the first time.

It is the Plan Of Action.

What to do to prepare for the date, how to conduct the date, how to touch, kiss, undress a woman... how to give her pleasure and ... not ejaculate soon...






   Tantris Sex Courses for    Couples


Tantric Sex Courses for


Tantric Sex Courses for Women

What is Tantric Sex?

Tantric sex is based on gentle, loving and healing sexual practice. If you will practice UNIMACY tantra you can create unlimited physical love you desire. On my sessions I teach touch which can deepen physical and emotional connection between partners. I help couples to create a world of true romance. My Unimacy Tantra weaves together simple, yet beautiful emotional and physical elements which people can use in everyday life. 

People often separate sex and love these days. Many men and women feel vulnerable in the area of their love lives. The list of questions which people ask me about sex, the list of different life situations connected with sex which people tell me about when come to me for help can be endless. Your situation is definitely special and unique. I am happy to work with you! Your sexual happiness is very important! 

Unimacy Tantra is for everyone who wants to bring more love into his/her sexual life.



If you think that you are too old for expressing yourself sensually you are wrong! You can bring romance into your life again! You can overcome physical separation between you and your partner. I can teach you beautiful way of loving!

If you are facing a relationship or marriage crisis you should devote time to Tantric Lovemaking! Nothing can help you more to find a way to each other again than tantric sex. Unimacy Tantra will change your perception of each other. This will safe your marriage! And even more! You will find much deeper love and appreciation in your marriage.

When we have problems in our relationships, we struggle to communicate. So, we have to touch! Tantric Lovemaking helps to reduce emotional tension, to tune our bodies and to let things go. Tantric touch opens our hearts for compassion, understanding and forgiveness. The nature of Tantra is to relax, to heal, to rest, to connect. Nothing can make us more happy than to be in a relationship which is always reassured by loving touch. 

If you are young and inexperienced in sexual relationship I can help your to increase your confidence as a lover. You will be much more prepared before entering into a committed relationship.

If you are married or in a relationship Unimacy Tantra can help you to become a more creative lover and also protect your sex life from becoming a routine.



How Unimacy Tantra can help you?

- You will enrich your love life.
- You will become a much better lover.
- You will inmprove health.
- You will stop worry about your perfomance.
- You will be never dissapointed in sex.



About me

- 16 years of professional practical work in the field of Tantric sexuality
- Effective method of healing sexual problems or sexual dysfunctions
- Maturity and spirituality
- Huge life experience
- Practical approach
- Artistic vision which integrates music, movement, touch and energy work
- Unique and authentic teaching and experience

Benefits of Tantric Lovemaking:

- In Tantra, partners feel safe and loved.
- Tantric Lovemaking allows partners to express themselves freely.
- In Tantra, partners feel a deeper connection.
- Tantric Lovemaking increases sexual and life energy flow. 
- Tantra can be practiced at any age.
- Tantric Lovemaking heals sexual difficulties.
- Tantric Lovemaking prevents sexual dysfunction.
- Tantric lovers can make love every day. 



Sexual Dysfunction

Traditional approach to sex names common problems in men like:

- Erectile dysfunction
- Premature /delayed ejaculation
- Lack of sexual desire

and in women like:

- Painful sex
- Lack of orgasm
- Lack of sex drive

and in both like:

low libido.

A traditional approach to sex only considers the instinctive attitude to sex. Medical doctors and traditional sex therapists reveal that we all need to function in a reproductive way: men should have a good erection and ejaculate always, women desire to be approached by men with a powerful big penis and give them orgasms.

No wonder so many men and women experience disappointment, fear, pain and shame!

The philosophy of Tantra and the Lovemaking Practice removes all conditions called sexual dysfunction. Clinical doctors try to restore your reproductive qualities through medication. Traditional psychologists discuss at length your past experiences reminding you about your pain, shame and complexes. But, the Tantric approach is to consider the past irrelevant, the now being important. Where the traditional goal of sex is to function for arousal and orgasm, Tantric Lovemaking is to love - in love there are no problems, no age differences, no difficulties. Even if a man or a woman have experienced for months or years sexual problems traditionally named as sexual dysfunction, they may be surprised that these problems may not surface at all as they learn Tantra, even after just one session. I am not a magician. Your body and the body of your partner are magicians! But, you do not know how to open this magic in you both. To establish Tantric Lovemaking into a regular experience, couples or individuals need to go though a course of practical physical sessions. 

I create a personalized course for each couple or individual to develop their intimacy into Tantric Lovemaking. It is not treatment for sexual dysfunctions. It is much more. It is a new life. The course will help you to regain confidence and overcome your specific sexual problems by developing your intimate relationships into Tantric Lovemaking. The process of learning is joyful, gentle and a sensual journey together with your partner. Even the most sensitive and distressed people would find a safe and caring place on my courses.


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